For a Rose

from by Adam Pierceall

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when you said that you loved the way i say your name
you did nothing to me but set my heart aflame
and then you told me the next day to forget what you said
well i can’t take those words right out of my head
when i told you i lived for loving you
i might have crossed a line but what else could i do
because you know i love it when you say my name
to hear it from any other lips just won’t be the same
because when you open your mouth i take in every word
like it’s my life’s last breath now isn't that absurd
this is for the love that got away
i love you still every fucking day
and this is for the love that that will never come back
i love you still i love you still
we talked about love and we talked about sex
about going down deep and breaking my neck
we almost tried to live up to the hype
i can’t tell you how much i struggled inside that night
oh to hold your body to kiss your lips
oh the shape of your neck and the shake of your hips
when you told me later that it was just the liquor and the wine
i said fuck you woman at least i did in my mind
i wish you were here baby in my sights
so i could hold you in my arms tonight
i said something wrong i said i’d wished
i’d never seen you again or some fucked up shit
for those few weeks all i could see were stars
i had your face and your eyes and your voice in my heart
you changed my life you made me high
and now i write these songs that i hope make you cry
you were always telling me i didn't know what i was talking about
that this can’t be love well babe i’m calling you out
because if this ain’t love than i’m a bigger fool
than i was when i fucking fell in love with you
you know it’s not about the girls i know i can get
it’s about the woman i want that i don’t have yet
and i don’t care what he does i know what he’ll never do
he’ll never fucking love you the way that i do
yeah, this is for the love that got away
well i love you still and it’s not okay
that you are the love that i’ll never get back
i love you still i love you still


from Songs for Someone, released January 9, 2014
Written and performed by Adam Pierceall. recorded and mixed by Travis James Manning.



all rights reserved


Adam Pierceall Las Cruces, New Mexico

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