Songs for Someone

by Adam Pierceall

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7 pseudo lo-fi rock gems, dripping with heartbreak and raw emotion.


released January 9, 2014

1 recorded september, 2011 at the dirty room
2 recorded march, 2013 at nasty cactus studio
3-7 recorded november, december 2013 at the dirty room
“for a rose” was engineered and mixed by travis james manning
all other songs engineered and mixed by adam pierceall
all instruments by adam pierceall except drums on “for a rose” by travis james manning
all songs by adam pierceall except “thanks to you”, by adam pierceall and jim smith

special thanks to lucio, sandra pierceall, mary piercell, marie mcgrath, kiki rodriguez, jim smith, travis james manning, and of course, for better or worse, my lovely muse, rose ann.
thanks to johnny grijalva, mike grijalva, brandon brooks, matt byrnes, abby knab, zach fountain, greg morales, rudy flores,
ronnie garver



all rights reserved


Adam Pierceall Las Cruces, New Mexico

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Track Name: Easy to See
well i bet she tastes like honey and cream
like the sugary clouds in a mushroom dream
if she opens her legs am i supposed to turn away
should i jump right in and hope to hell we last another day
well if it’s just one night it’s just another night we can forget about
gotta do those things that are not allowed just to clear the air for tonight
because i bet she sings like a rose that’s been plucked of a pedal
yeah i bet it’s real keen to see her blow her top like a kettle
yeah it’s easy to see why she fucking sends me
yeah it’s easy to see why she means so fucking much to me
if she opens her eyes she might see what I’ve always seen
but if she walks away man what a shitty scene that would be
yeah she’s quite lovely but man she’ll bring you down to your knees
she hits the spot like a rocket but she’s sweet like a forest full of candy cane trees
yeah it’s easy to see she’s gonna get everything she fucking needs from me
Track Name: For a Rose
when you said that you loved the way i say your name
you did nothing to me but set my heart aflame
and then you told me the next day to forget what you said
well i can’t take those words right out of my head
when i told you i lived for loving you
i might have crossed a line but what else could i do
because you know i love it when you say my name
to hear it from any other lips just won’t be the same
because when you open your mouth i take in every word
like it’s my life’s last breath now isn't that absurd
this is for the love that got away
i love you still every fucking day
and this is for the love that that will never come back
i love you still i love you still
we talked about love and we talked about sex
about going down deep and breaking my neck
we almost tried to live up to the hype
i can’t tell you how much i struggled inside that night
oh to hold your body to kiss your lips
oh the shape of your neck and the shake of your hips
when you told me later that it was just the liquor and the wine
i said fuck you woman at least i did in my mind
i wish you were here baby in my sights
so i could hold you in my arms tonight
i said something wrong i said i’d wished
i’d never seen you again or some fucked up shit
for those few weeks all i could see were stars
i had your face and your eyes and your voice in my heart
you changed my life you made me high
and now i write these songs that i hope make you cry
you were always telling me i didn't know what i was talking about
that this can’t be love well babe i’m calling you out
because if this ain’t love than i’m a bigger fool
than i was when i fucking fell in love with you
you know it’s not about the girls i know i can get
it’s about the woman i want that i don’t have yet
and i don’t care what he does i know what he’ll never do
he’ll never fucking love you the way that i do
yeah, this is for the love that got away
well i love you still and it’s not okay
that you are the love that i’ll never get back
i love you still i love you still
Track Name: Coming Down
when i thought that i was right you had to show me i was wrong
but when you smile my world is bright and every minute seems so long
and every time your eyes meet mine i wonder just how it would be
to tell the world that you were mine and to hold you close to me
every time that i get high i see a world for you and me
where any pain is gone in stride and every day we’re free to dream
and everywhere i look i see you and i know i’m in your heart
but when the smoke clears i can’t hear you and coming down’s the hardest part
Track Name: Thanks to You
this is the third time i’ve heated up my cup of coffee
every time i do i swear i’m gonna drink it this time it’s true
yeah but i never do because i’m just thinking of you
thinking of you it’s all i can do
so i’m sitting here on my lonely ass drinking cold coffee thinking of you
thinking of you it’s all i wanna do
yeah thanks to you all i can do is think of you
yeah thanks to you all i can do is think of you
i never wanna i never wanna get over you
because i never wanna spend any part of my life when i’m not
thinking of you thinking of you it’s all i wanna do
yeah thanks to you all i can do is think of you
yeah thanks to you all i can do is think of you
it’s all i wanna do
Track Name: Twice Removed
what’s the weather gonna be like today
is it gonna rain i think i’m already there
because i’m all alone and i shouldn't be home all by myself
well i got my heart all torn apart
i got my soul trampled and broke
i lost my love but i’ve made so many god damn mistakes i don’t deserve to cry
so what’s the weather gonna be like tonight
are them clouds coming in because they’re there in my mind
and i’m never gonna love again because i’ll always see your face
getting in my way
i’d give my life or my gift of sight
to see my face n your eyes just one more time
i lost my faith but i never had it anyway
now i see my darling in the arms of a man
she walked away from me i can’t blame her again
because i didn't know how to be the man you needed me to be
Track Name: Can't Give You Up
well i’ve got a love inside of me and i just can’t give it up
and i gotta know did you really think that i could resist your touch
something went wrong and you broke my heart before i could start loving you
i can’t give you up gotta make you mine before i lose my mind for good
but you’ve gotta see that it’s not just for me
so put down your wine and let’s spend some time talking about our love
i’ve had enough of you telling me i’m just gonna be let down
so shut the fuck up and just let me love you the way i know you need
we don’t have to be drunk but i guess it’s okay if it helps us loosen up
i can’t give ou up but i can’t decide if you’re poison or some miracle drug
but you’ve gotta see that it’s not just for me
so pour me some wine and let’s spend some time talking about our love
Track Name: Second Chance Prom
i thought you came to me to save me from the years of pain it was like you fell right from the sky
i held you higher than the stars you could do no wrong just look at me when you go by
i swear i’ll find what i can in this shell of a man to tell you i love you again
i know it’s time to let you go but it’s so hard when loving you is all i know
i just want one more chance to hold you when you need my arms or just one kiss before you go
i know you were never there from the start guess i understand
but god damn i wanted to be your man god damn i wanted to be your man
god damn i wanted to be your man now the love is gone
but god damn i wanted to be your man